Founder & Principal Director

As a professor in the Health & Sports Science Department at University of Dayton, Zach Sanford teaches courses on the economics of sports, focusing on key social issues among sports’ communities. His work includes sports business, ethics, and internship classes, and he has designed a unique action sports curriculum for students at UD. His background focused on the economic and managerial aspects of team sports, specifically international soccer. Zach has seen skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing transform the lives of students he worked with in NYC.



Technical & Media Support

Jeremy’s background ranges from architectural design and urban planning to education and mentoring. Growing up, his experience and interest in action sports led him to a range of fields including video editing, graphic design, and urban studies. He believes skateboarding and related sports can have broad, positive applications.


Logan Rowland

Coach, Mentor, Teacher, and Learner

Logan is a graduate of Beavercreek High School and a Mechanical Engineering and Business student at Wright State University. He plans to draw on his academic background to mentor students on the importance of education and maintaining a growth mindset. He also plans to share his diverse design and engineering talents. His interest in skateboarding has taught him many valuable lessons which he hopes to share with young people throughout the Miami Valley.