Since 2015, my non-profit work throughout New York City showed me how skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing can be a resource to help young people face the challenges of growing up. In Dayton, these social and athletic resources can help young people thrive, even in an environment flooded with drugs like opioids.


HYPED partners with schools and other organizations around the Miami Valley to offer free after school programs that encourage young people to find positive outlets for growth and expression. Our mentorship program connects older skaters with newer skaters to encourage growth among any age group and experience level, and we’re developing a curriculum that fosters broader creative and technical skills including design, business development, and woodworking.

Skateboarding is uniquely positioned to give young people the support they need to develop the strong, independent character that is required to make positive decisions. Part sport, part creative art, skateboarding encourages the ability to identify and overcome obstacles. Skateboarding’s culture promotes independence, cooperation, and collaboration. It is non-competitive at its core, and all skateboarders are encouraged to keep skating no matter their skill level, as long as they are having fun. The benefits of an active lifestyle are numerous.

Miami Valley: Skate History & Future

Dayton is uniquely placed as a cultural hub for skateboarders. It’s home to the Alien Workshop and Quasi skateboard companies, as well as numerous outdoor skateparks. Skateboarding is one of Dayton’s strengths, and we believe it can be a vital tool in response to the challenges the region is facing.

With your support, HYPED can help young people by listening to their stories and giving them a path to a healthy activity and a lifelong community.

We hope to eventually establish a skatepark, workshop, and meeting space where young people can come together on the weekends.

-Zach Sanford